• Sunday School (children and adults) - 9:30-10:30
  • Coffee and snacks - 10:30-11:00
  • Worship service - 11:00-12:15
  • People who love Jesus
  • A little bit of singing
  • A relevant message from the Bible


Question:  What should I wear?

Answer:  Clothes would be nice! No seriously, as long as its modest, wear what you are comfortable in.  You are likely to see some people wearing jeans and some people suits.  God is concerned with your heart, not your clothing.


Question:  Will I be asked to give money?

Answer:  We will take an offering. However, our offerings are meant as an opportunity for our members and regular attenders to support the ministry.  Please do not feel obligated to give.


Question:  Do I need to bring a Bible?

Answer:  If you have one, it would be great for you to bring it.  If not, we've got some here that you can use.


Question:  Will I be called upon or asked to participate in any way?

Answer:  No. We won't single you out or try to make you do anything weird!


Question:  Is childcare provided?

Answer:   We believe that it is important for families to worship together as much as possible and for children to see their parents modeling the importance of corporate worship. Therefore, we welcome children into the service and do not have a staffed nursery program. We do, however, realize that sometimes little ones are restless and need a break from sitting. Thus, we do have a TV in our fellowship hall where parents can still see and hear the service while they attend to their children.


Question:  How long will the service last?

Answer: The service ends around 12:15.